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In-Office Contact Hours
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Creative, Designer, Brand Consultant, Web Designer, Stationer, Sociologist, Maker,

Boss Babe, Fire Wife

Calligrapher, Feminist


Hannah Karen Creations

HKC Strives to instill confidence while bringing intentional designs and bold dreams to life. Whether that is working with fellow creatives in their businesses, couples as they plan all their goods for their wedding, or customers! 



Hannah Karen Creations started as a big dream and a little Etsy shop. Now, Hannah loves helping fellow creatives with their businesses. She has found a passion in creating goods for weddings since her own this past year. She loves all things botanical and can often be found illustrating. Designing new things is her joy and HKC will always have new and fun things flowing through it.

HKC Style

Hannah loves bold designs with high contrast! You will see a lot of inspiration from nature, she loves flowers and greenery. Hannah has a variety of color palettes that make her swoon. She prefers hand drawn beauties and assembling the difficult designs. She loves a mix of fun and quirky and on the other hand a pairing of elegant and minimalistic styles




Get   to know Hannah's  Personality 

This is Hannah's Inner Sociologist Coming Out

Myers Brigg's
Clifton Strengths
Responsibility, Significance, Belief, Strategic, Input

Lover of all flowers! Hannah planned her whole wedding! And had to find a floral shopo in NYC to make her bouquet! 

Fun Facts!

Weston's Home state is Oregon, we love adventure when were not not busy working! 

We love doing food tours and coffee crawls! Chicago is our home city!

Married in NYC at Gapstow Bridge! in May of 2018! 

Lover of all things teal, cupcakes and brunch dates. 

Foodie at heart! Love trying new things while I travel! 

Sage is their sweet puppy. They rescued her in August of 2018. A black lab mix with a a ton of energy and love!

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Our Favorite Pho Spots are located in Portland, New York City and small locations in the suburbs of Chicago! (This one is in NYC)


P.S We are huge lovers of our Poloraid camera!