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5 Favorite Things About Living in Oregon

A guest post by Weston Stutzman for Sage and Basil Design Studio.

1. Fresh Food

Oregon has an abundance of farms which allows for restaurants and markets to get restaurants to get fresh foods daily. It is one of my favorite parts of Oregon, because farm to table is popular and it makes you feel good supporting family farms. I cant pass up fresh food because it always tastes better. When you can visualize the farm it came from, it gives you a peace of mind. There is also a variety of fresh food whether it be a farm or fresh from the local waters. There are even different types of farms that we don't see often here in IL now such as, hop farms, pot farms, broccoli farms, apple orchards and all type of nut farms!

2. Dutch Brothers

There is no coffee that can beat Dutch brothers in my mind. Locally roasted beans, dairy sourced from local farms, an ordering experience like no other and a building that is the shape of a dutch mill. These shops are little pop up coffee shops that sit in parking lots that can be found across the pacific northwest. It is my favorite thing to get when I visit. The drinks are cheap which makes it that much better.

3. A hour away from all types of nature

Oregon has a wide variety of environments within the state. Some days you feel like hitting the coast to go to the beach, other days you will find yourself up on a mountain hiking, the next you may find yourself camping in a forest. Each part of the state is a different terrain and has so much to offer. Growing up I loved going camping with the family and grew up to backpack into the forest with my hammock.

4. Trees

It's no secret that Oregon has trees, it's even on the license plates. It is physically impossible to not see a tree in sight. The smell of evergreens and pine always bring me back to growing up in Oregon because of the distinct smells. I loved being surrounded by large trees that fill the state.

5. Weather

The pacific northwest is known for being a rainy region. I love the rain, especially the days where it is cloudy and misting. Its never to cold in the valley, never gets too hot. The mountains cause everything to flow into the waterways.

Headed out to Oregon soon? We would love to chat!