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5 Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs

As someone who is self employed and runs a design studio I wanted to share a few things that makes my life easier. There are so many things out there for creatives and business owners but these are my most valuable!

Quick Books for Small Business

Money comes out everyone month and in all honesty its so worth it come tax season. If you are someone who hires a accountant, this is still very helpful to track all of your information. If you do taxes by yourself, you can connect and bundle your quickbooks with your turbo tax to be able to file through it.


Keep track of all your tasks, workflows and to-do lists all in one place. You can assign tasks to team members, add comments and assign dates all in one application! I personally create one big board with each day of the week listed out, a done slide, a general to-do and a big goal slide to complete later! I found this the best way to organize my week and its free!


Client management system (CRM)

The best for invoices, proposals, emailing, scheduling, workflows. If you aren’t using Dubsado, you are doing it all wrong! This streamlines everything for you. I personally use Dubsado for all of my invoices and hook it up with my payment methods. I also like to use it for sending contracts, worksheets and questionnaires. Their form builder is extremely helpful when you need to gather information from a client. One of the newer features I have really enjoyed using is their scheduler. This allows to make different types of things I need scheduled, such as a consult, and a client can follow the link, see my availability for that session and they can book.

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Adobe Suite

One everyone should have: Illustrator

Non negotiable, if you want to make cool things and design simple marketing materials for your brand at ease, you need illustrator. If you want to make blog graphics, if you want to make inspirational quotes for your instagram, Illustrator! Seriously cant go wrong with Illustrator, it is so much more diverse than Canva (although this is a good free option).


Used for simple businesses, used to keep branding consistent, make social media graphics and make basic graphics for FREE!