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Health and Wellness Feature: Esther Hesse

On this weeks health and wellness feature, Esther Hesse shares about how she has used her oils with her family. Esther, a mother of two and farm wife, loves sharing her wellness tips!


Last year I found out what was in our everyday personal care products. Not only do chemicals and toxins complicate our future, but they also affect the everyday things I thought were just normal life. Skin irritations, headaches, acne, coughing and mood swings were the obstacles that changed first in my life. 

Having kids is not only eye-opening to what I was slathering all over their skin, but it’s also now a responsibility I take seriously. To teach, nurture and provide healthy and clean products for them is my passion. Being able to guide a community of families and friends in this new healthy lifestyle is a dream! I am so incredibly grateful for Young Living by providing these amazing products we can trust.

I used to worry and fret about my children getting into cleaning products and getting poisoned. I wish I would have known earlier in my life about all the poisoning happening without us knowing.

Adding new things to routine and on the shopping list isn’t easy as parents, but I am here to tell you it’s ONE STEP AT A TIME! Here are some tips:

  • Place oils and diffusers where you see them and where it’s the most convenient. Having essential oils out and ready to go will save you time.

  • Make rollers for the kiddos! This will not only save you time but an extra step in getting out the door or for your nighttime routine. Essential oils are very concentrated and powerful, pre diluting them is a must for children, using carrier oils we can make them personalized rollers! 

Here is my favorite night time blend for my 3-year-old! 10ML: Nighttime snooze:

5 drops Lavender

4 drops Frankincense

3 drops Peace and Calming

Having oils to help calm the brain at night is key for restful sleep because we are constantly moving and booked schedules. But what about oils that help with energy? All the mommas say, “YASSS PLEASE!”

From someone who was severely sleep-deprived the first year after my daughter was born, here is what saved my sanity. 

Get goin’ Momma!: diffuser blend (You can adjust room size, my living room is large) 

10 drops Peppermint 

10 drops Lemon

Not only does this blend help with energy, but it’s also great for mood boosts and those afternoon headaches/fog.

What a lovely thing we are teaching generations to come. I have never felt more confident in what my home is filled with. By doing this together can change the future! Happy oiling!

Big thanks to Esther for sharing her heart when it comes to oils!