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Health and Wellness Feature: Mariah Anne Johnson

Mariah Anne Johnson, a full time traveler, Arbonne AM, Cookie dough addict, and IIN Health coach. She is pretty cool and I wanted to share her knowledge with you:

Cancer was all around me growing up. Family members had it, friends had it, I lost loved ones a few years after the warning & I lost them days after we found out. With this reality constantly surrounding me, I thought my purpose in life was obvious. Find the cure to cancer. #NoPressure

It wasn’t until after getting distracted by an art degree, franchising my own business with a company that didn’t use any carcinogens, and a full 25 years that I finally realized the real reason I was put on this planet. To help prevent cancer.

I’d already been successfully educating and helping people massively improve their health casually for a few years, so I decided to really invest in myself and those I love helping by getting additional certifications. As I dove into my Integrative Nutrition Training and began traveling the world with my partner we began experimenting with countless new ways of eating to figure out “the truth”. Was there a single, ultimate way of eating that could heal the world?

We both learned something completely unexpected: every diet has its pro’s and con’s.

Truly, every single one.

It all finally clicked for me. The reason everyone on the planet can’t eat the same things and have the same outcome, is because we’re all bio-individually unique.

Customizability isn’t just a fun neon fad for our hair, nails and clothes - it’s an absolute necessity when it comes to what we eat!

For me this completely broke down all the walls, curiosities and hesitations I had about all the different types of diets out there and finding the magic “one” that I’d be able to refer all of my clients to. I realized that no single diet is actually good or bad, it’s simply a box, a label to put around the kinds of foods we eat.

It got the most interesting for me when I realized - THOSE BOXES DON’T ACTUALLY EXIST!

There’s nobody out there slapping a soda out of your hand saying, “FYI I know that tastes amazing but it also causes cancer”, or putting superfoods in your hand saying, “guess what, have this daily and it’ll ward off cancer forever!”. There aren’t boxes around all of these diets truly keeping us safe in a cocoon of health - so we must be educated. We’ve got to be conscious and learn what custom combination of foods will work best for our own unique bodies, so we can decide what we do and don’t want to put in it and on it (cause both are equally important).

After watching my partner transform his own life and hundreds of others through Qigong (pronounced chi-gong), I decided to join him in sharing the incredible power of this healing modality. Still frequently used in Classical & Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is a simple form of meditative movement encourages the body to heal itself. This further proved to me how smart and self-healing our bodies can be and that when we give them the right mental and physical focus, we have the power to overcome anything. Anything.

We get one & only one vehicle to explore this planet in, and I know with certainty we can do it with a whole lot less pain and suffering than we have been accustomed to believing is “normal”.

I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Qigong instructor, Arbonne Independent Consultant and cookie dough aficionado absolutely addicted to learning and helping others feel amazing inside and out. The focus of my work is on teaching others how to understand their mind, body and intuition while creating multiple incomes to support the healthiest, most fun life of their dreams.

I believe every person is entitled to health and happiness if they’re daring enough to create it.

I can confidently say, cancer will no longer be a life threat within my lifetime. Not only that, but we will learn how to sustain and create our own health and happiness - for good.

I hope fear and illness are preparing to say their final good byes.

It’s over.

IG: @HeyMariahAnne

FB: Mariah Anne Johnson

YouTube: Cookie Dough Health Coach



Big thanks for Mariah for being vulnerable and sharing her story!

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