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Logo Variations

In this short and simple resource you will find the break down of logo variations and where you may want to use them. While some designers may have additional names these are standard across the industry.

Primary Logos:

This could also be considered your main logo. Often used when a large and full scale logo is needed. This logo would include a full business name, design elements, and tagline (if you had one). Some primary logos work great as headers and are strong as text.

Secondary Logos:

Secondary logos give you the chance to mix it up a little bit from whatever you did in your primary logo. Whether thats playing around with colors, adding more design elements, changing the shape and layout. The secondary logo typically just has the business name, removing the tagline.


This is what is considered your signature or initials. It could include a design element, initials, or or anything that could be your “signature”. Submarks are fun to play with and can add a lot of personality if done right.

For your website: you could use any of these as your header (top of the page), the submark could be used as an actual signature at the end of a note to your visitor to your site. Design elements from your logos can easily be used through out your website for consistency.

Business cards and other print marketing materials: use whatever fits your space. Business cards are small, so if that means using your secondary logos since they may have less information on it, I would. On marketing information you are typically sharing so much other information that a "simplified" version of your logo will probably suffice.

Social media: Submarks are usually small in shape and make great social media profile pictures! No one can see all the tiny writing from the primary graphic if you make it your profile picture on instagram or facebook! Stick with the submark, that way you have a beautiful graphic and your initials still without the drama!

Have more questions on logo variations and when to use them? Head to the contact page and shoot us a message! We would love to answer all your questions!