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Planning Your Instagram Content

Instagram content planning, what are the benefits and how to do it!

You may be asking, what does it mean to plan your instagram content? Don’t you just put up a photo and add a caption?

If you are a business or an influencer or content creator you probably should be planning your instagram content.

My Favorite Tool:

Later can be used for many social media platforms but most notably Instagram!

You have the option to post automatically or to get notified and post yourself. You can upload media into a library and you can see the calendar right in front of you while you schedule posts for the month. Free accounts allow you to post up to 30 posts a month. I jut recently upgraded to the paid account that allows me 100 posts a month. I personally think the free account is perfect to use. There are three benefits for my business that I see with the basic paid account; videos, multiple photo posts and the amount you can schedule per month.

Later is seriously a lifesaver and so easy to use. The preview mode is also killer on this application because you can see everything laid out visually. If you want to switch two posts around you can also drag and drop them! I use it on my phone, iPad and my computer! I highly recommend using because it is a huge asset.


  1. Like I mentioned, you can post automatically! This is killer for businesses because we are busy working and don't always have the time to post during our work day. Another reason could be that our best times for engagement may be after work hours. If this is the case, it can publish for you automatically outside your working hours without being inconvenience to your life.

  2. Visually seeing your content laid out. This is one of the major reasons I plan and love The preview mode on Later allows me to see how all of my colors are laid out, where the white spaces are and where I could use additional graphics. Especially if you are trying to create a pattern within your feed, you can actually see it laid out before you post it.

  3. Double checking all content gets out there! I am sure we have all heard from instagram experts to cover multiple aspects of our life and business within our feed. Let's say my top 5 things I like posting are color palettes, photos of me or my dog, past work, inspiration, and tools. I would want to space all these things out on my feed. I do not want 3 photos of my dog in a row, that just wouldn't look good or be relevant. But, by preplanning I can see all of the content is spread out and everything is being covered on my feed.

  4. Writing captions when you feel like writing. We all feel that urgency, we want to post a photo but don't know what to say on the spot and then we miss posting it. By choosing to plan when you are in the writing mood allows you to crank out 3-10 posts in one sitting. This has been a huge help to me, as I schedule a couple days a week to check up on my later and one day a week to write content.

I hope you found this post helpful and you start using Later in your own life!