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Removable Wall Decals for under $10

I will walk you through the steps on how I created a removable wall decal to create a wallpaper effect for under $10!

For those who know me, I always have to go above and beyond and be extra. We are currently renting and I wanted a statement wall. However, I didn't want to spend $300 on wall decals online just to possibly not like it.

So I took to Pinterest for inspiration on wallpaper, and knew I wanted to have a black and white design. We have a very mid modern century style with industry furniture! With this being said, we wanted a accent wall that flowed with that style.

Here are the steps I took:

1. Design Layout:

I took a picture of the wall that I wanted to work on, this happened to be my entry way wall. There was a banner hanging already and an entryway table that we wanted to keep there. I used the app procreate to illustrate over the picture to play with different styles. I came up with this one with diamonds and lines like this first....

2. Planning Our Materials

We needed to figure out what we were going to buy and how much we thought we needed. I had a general idea of how think I wanted each and how I was going about my design. I knew that when cutting on my Cricut, I would cut a lot of strips so it would save cutting space. This gave us a better idea of how much vinyl to buy. We also knew that we wanted removable black vinyl.

3. Buying Our Materials

We headed to Hobby Lobby to buy our vinyl. Michaels and Jo Ann's were also great options, however, we knew that Hobby Lobby near us has a bigger section of Cricut and vinyl. The brand Paper Source has a vinyl that is removable and advertised for wall decals. Hobby Lobby sells it in a box that has two sheets that are 12in x 36 in each. We bought two boxes that were originally $8.99 each. They were 50% off all paper source products so we were able to get two for $9. If they were not on sale, Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon. You could easily purchase the boxes at separate times or wait for a bigger sale!

4. Laying Out the Design with Tape

This was for our own sanity, I wanted to see what would work before I made the cuts on the Cricut. I used the washi tape I had laying around (you could use painters tape as well), and I laid out shapes and thicknesses that I thought I would like. By doing this you can see how things look closer together and how thick lines would be.

5. Cutting in Design Space

You need a Cricut for this, if you were to do a design with all lines I suppose you could cut your design with vinyl and a paper cutter!

I knew I needed all of the large diamonds to be a half inch thick, all the same length. We cut them out first on our sheets so we knew how many we would need to cut.

We then planned that the vertical lines would be .25 of an inch, at different lengths for the effect.

6. Planning Our Materials

This is where it gets fun, applying them on the wall!

I started with the large diamonds so I knew how to space everything else! I used a 45 degree angle tool to make sure the angles were looking precise, then lined up the rest of the tape with their corners in the diamond.

I used a level to make sure, going down the line, that I wasn't angling up or making one in the line be off.

After awhile I got a flow with diamonds. Not everyone has an eye for this, it comes natural to me as a designer but take the time to do the big lines more precise if you need to.

I then started to work on laying out the vertical lines. To be honest, I laid these out by eyeballing everything because I didn't mind the messiness of it. I made sure they were straight but I did not feel the need to make the spacing perfect or how they lined up compared to the last one I did.

7. The Filler Pieces in the Design

I knew that there was something missing after I looked at the final piece...

This is where the little diamonds came in!

I had lots of scraps left from the sheets we cut previously so instead of using the large chunks I had left, we went and cut 1 inch diamonds out of the scraps. These were to go in between the larger diamonds

We then custom designed the middle shape to fill the large diamonds in Cricut Design. I used square shapes, overlapped them and then welded them together to create this shape.

We used our remaining vinyl on these inner shapes.

8. Making it Stick

We noticed that some of the vinyl was peeling with gravity and the texture of the wall.

In comes the heat from the hair dryer...

I went through right to left, going over each piece and re-smoothing them.

I paid special attention to the tips and connection pieces on the large diamonds so I could get a good seal on them.

I also made sure all the vertical lines were on nicely because they tended to peel when applying.

I did a good sweep over the small diamonds and the inner diamond shapes just to make sure they were stuck on there good!

I recommend using the hot setting on high! Plan to not wear a ring so you don't scratch the wall or your vinyl!

Helpful tips:

-Don't forget the edges of the ceiling and the adjoining walls! you will just trim down your traditional pieces

-Use your scraps wisely! You may need a line from it, use the leftover space for additional pieces or a fix to a wrong cut!

-Use an exacto knife to cut the edges at the floor board and adjoining walls!

After you have all your vinyl on the wall and sealed you are set to push back furniture and hang your decor!