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The Story of Step Towards Peace Affirmation Creation

I have struggled with anxiety and depression for a while now. Sprinkle in loneliness, insomnia, PTSD and just trying to adjust to life changes... we have a lovely combination.

I always said that I wanted to be “happy and healthy”. Maybe it's just me but I struggle with the idea of when I am *actually* happy. But I realized what I was longing for wasn't happiness. I have experienced plenty of joyous moments ( I mean hello I am married to the most amazing human and have the cutest dog, what more could a girl ask for).

What I was longing for was peace. True peace, the one that gives your soul a calm despite stressors amongst you, a state of harmony.

Since we're being honest, I was longing for my anxious thoughts to be quieter. I was on this journey to find peace.

Through my journey of discovering what brought me peace I realized that so many others were struggling with anxiety and a slew of other health issues.

In all different forms and variations, we all have our struggle, whatever it may be to you.

For those who know my family, my hubby is a firefighter as well as in the army reserves. I spend a lot of nights alone. For me, when I have bad nights and I'm alone I am just searching for something to stop the racing thoughts. Maybe stop the tears, help the loneliness. Those low waves of depression and anxiety can be hard for me. Can you relate?

One of the problems I faced was I started to believe all those nasty negative things we think when we're in those low waves. My thoughts at night became so loud that sometimes I would need to physically say out loud something to counteract those thoughts. The things I said to myself? Positive affirmations.

I said them out loud, I repeated them until the tears went away or I fell asleep.

I made these affirmation cards for myself. It was therapeutic to create the graphics and I was excited to get them in my hands to use in all my tough times.

I was in need of a tangible reminder of all these positive words.

I wanted to choose to step towards peace.

I was and am tired of living in fear and negativity. I took action and ownership for my health and well being. After using these cards myself I realized that others could benefit from using these cards as well. My hope is that you experience relief from them as well.

No, they haven't cured my anxiety. But, isnt it nice to have help every once and a while?

These cards are in a kit that is on presale right now.

Head to the link below to purchase your own set: