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Why People are Leaving your Website and How to Fix it

Solving the problem of people leaving your site because of easy fixes.

I asked my Instagram followers what was one thing that makes them leave a website… and they delivered!

I am going to share their answers and how to solve those annoying things!

1.“Fluff” in Wording and Content:

How to solve it: Hire a copywriter!

They will not only help you write your content, but they can narrow down what is really important to put on your website! There are just some things that don't need on a website! Hire a copywriter to help nail down your brand voice, what people will actually read and if it's worth sharing on a website! They are the go-to for effective verbiage!

2. Too Much Reading:

How to solve it: Have additional information that you can send to them.

Have additional resources that you can send them when they inquire for more information! Having pricing guides or manuals that have additional reading/information. This will help from overwhelming them on your site!

3. Too busy/unorganized:

How to solve it: Whitespace!

Whitespace is going to be your best friend. Your eyes need rest. Making it too busy can be so overwhelming on the eyes and you end up not knowing where to start.

4. Have more dogs:

How to solve it: Easy, Own a dog and share said dog.

In all seriousness. You want to share things that are on brand, that share your personality and that speak to your business. If you always share about your dog on Instagram, add your sweet pup on your about me page.

5. Slow Load Time:

How to solve it: Choose a website host with high speed.

Research your hosting options! Not just your domain host but the website host. Research what will work best for you, Squarespace, Wix, showit, etc.

6. Slow Loading Images

How to solve it: Website with large storage

Again, research your hosting options! Choose one that best works for your needs in a website. Some have bigger storage and some have faster bandwidth.

7. Outdated or Chaotic Design/ Layout or Bad Branding

How to solve it: Hire a designer and Schedule updates

Isn't it the worst when you hop on a site and its outdated? The solution is scheduling updates. This can be every month, bi-monthly or quarterly. Obviously, when you have new programs or blogs the website should be updated. But there are some things that can wait until your scheduled time.

If its a Chaotic design/layout the simplest way to avoid this is preplanning. Whether that means paper and drawing it out or making it on a software.

Ultimately if you are out of your element or you have bad branding the best thing to do is invest in branding.

8. Music playing in the background

How to solve it: Just don’t! It’s not the 90’s.

If you are struggling with your design or you want your website investigated in, hire Sage and Basil for a website audit! Reach out in our inquiry form!