Social Media Management

We feel confident that we can transform the social media platforms that you are currently using into what you have always wanted out of them.


We're talking: 

  • Pretty curated feeds

  • Posting consistently 

  • Growing your presence 

  • Speaking to and growing your audience


Why worry about social media when you can be putting all of your efforts into things that you enjoy doing! Speaking from experience, we know what it feels like to juggle multiple tasks (especially the one's you dread)! Give yourself some freedom and dive into a stress-free partnership by allowing us to help you with your social media!

Work with Hannah from Sage and Basil to start feeling more confident in your social media presence!  Why Hannah? She has spent years curating a themed feed for her own business but also has helped strategize and lead others into curating a feed that stands out! 


As a designer, she has an eye for this. As someone who is analytical, she sees what is missing from the big picture, can track numbers, and see trends. Your social media will be in good hands with Hannah as you and her work together to grow your audience, create a pretty feed and post consistently.


She understands what it is like to juggle multiple tasks, jobs, and social media platforms! But you do not need to do it all! Hiring a social media manager doesn't mean that you are not qualified to run your own accounts, it is giving you the freedom to worry about other things and put your time towards things you enjoy doing! 

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